Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toy Testing Tuesday

Subject: Monster Mouth

What the Toy Claims: "Your dog will enjoy hours of fun with the Monster Mouth the treat dispensing toy that bounces erratically and unpredictably keeping your dog entertained and on his toes while he “works” for his treats."

Amount of Toy allowance used: 8.99
How much of a mess it made: the toy doesn't make a mess but the cookies do.
How long until I broke it: not broken 8 months later
Can I play with it when nobody’s watching: yes
Is it repairable?: no need to repair, but not repairable if it breaks
Overall Fun rating (0-10): with cookies in it a 9. Without cookies a 1.
Will Momma buy it for me again: Yes
Special Note: I use this like my kongs, but I like it much better cause it has a bigger mouth to get the treats out of. The kongs are harder for me and I'm lazy if it's too hard. This toy won't be as challenging for some dogs.

More cookies please

Pee.S. today is my Daddy's birthday. That means I get ice cream - oops I mean, Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. Happy Birthday dad! Enjoy the ice cream.


  2. Happy Birthday to Tucker's Dad!! I hope Tucker leaves some in the bottom of the bowl for you to lick!!!
    I really love Toy Testing Tuesday. You did a grrrreat job on this one!! I was just wondering... WHERE did you get it???

  3. Happy birthday to your dad!
    That toy sure looks great!

  4. Yet another toy I can bug my Mom to get. Thanks Tucker!!

    wags, wiggles & birthday slobbers for your dad!

  5. Happy birthday Tucker's dad!

    We look forward to your toy testing. Mother really likes the idea of your current toy. We might make a trip to Petco to look for it.

    French kisses,

  6. Hi there cutie...We just came across your blog. Great review! Would you like to be friends?

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo & Bonnie the Foster Sibling

  7. Thanks for the review Tucker. I sometimes get bored with my kongs too...I will see if maybe this toy works better!

    Happy Ice Cream, I mean Birthday, to your Daddy!


  8. Happy birthday to your papa! As for the review, precious. I loved your rating. I have many XXXL furiends and I am always looking for gifts for them because I know how much you guys cost to feed, BOL, plus I'd be devastated if something went wrong. Thank you

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad...

    I'm not much fur those kinds of toys but if woo put some khake in it.......

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  10. Happy b-day Tucker's dad!

  11. howdy there, tucker!!
    i was visiting mr. mango, and i then i found your bloggie!
    my mama says to tell you that you are a most handsome doggie. she loves your markings. :)
    i loved your toy review! it's nice to have ammo when begging mama for a new toy, especially one that can have yummy treaties hidden inside!!! :D
    the booker man

  12. happy birthday DADDY!

    oh tucker, toy testing is very very importent
    you do a good job!

    El'bow & Hauwii

  13. hiya tucker love
    i got your card today and boy i almost fell out wiff your most hanshumest pikshure
    your the cutest eber there was!!
    it mades me feel better immediately
    i will post about your most thoughtfulness on my friday funnies day ok?
    i send you extra slobbery bella sugars

  14. Happy Daddy's Birthday, Tucker!

  15. Um yes, the cookies definitely make a mess! I am sure you got the crumbs though. I am a doggie toy connoisseur and must say you are always showing me soemthing I have never seen before! Thanks for the excellent review. It does look like a great toy but since I can't make kongs hard enough for my moose I am afraid he would make quick work of de-cookiying that one. Still it looks like a great toy!
    Happy ice cream day to you and Birthday to your dad!