Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad to the BONE Contest Winners

Well before we get started I want to thank everyone that entered and I really enjoyed seeing and hearing all your badness! We have thieves, rule breakers, Beggers, destroyers, and bullying to share with you.

Now, I present the entries in completely random order:


"PAWsonally I think this is GRRRRRREAT.... BUTT some might think it is BAD to make FUN of My DAD by Drawin a Picture of him"

Tucker: Funny and BAD, great combo.

Mom took us to the groomers one day for baths and haircuts. Then after she picked us up we went for a walkie at the X-Men estate. Mom forgot that there's lots of geese hanging around there and when she wasn't paying attention, I found a big pile of poopies and rolled in it! 

Tucker: Stinky and happy - As happy as a pig in sh*t =  happy as a Sam in Goose POOP!

Doing some painting of his own, I little on the cheek, the leg, and the tush. 

Tucker: Benny are you trying to get spots like your sister Lily, or were you just trying to help with the painting?

Up on the counter, looking for kittehs, the true meaning of counter surfing.

Tucker: Lily I see nothing wrong with this, humans don't understand you need a better view.  Now if the kitteh was on the counter that would be a problem.

As you know, I'm NEVER bad, but this is something that seemed to make a pretty strong impression on Momma. You see, I'm a dog who likes comfort. And Momma kept leaving me in my crate with nothing but a dog bed to protect me from the nasty hard ground. Can you believe that??? But then I realized that she left my crate right next to the big bed, which has all sorts of extra comforts on it, like a big stuffed comforter and pillows! So one day when Momma left me in the crate and I was about to burst out crying at the agony of lying practically on the ground, I had to take action! If you look at the top left of my picture, you can see where I was able to grab the comforter right through the bars of my crate -- even though the bed was several inches away! Momma was SO impressed, she kept saying, "I can't BELIEVE you did that!!" The comforter was a whole lot thicker than the gap in the bars, so it took a lot of pulling. But luckily pulling on the comforter also brought one of the big pillows with the sham that matched the comforter over to within reach. So I grabbed that too! Before long I had the whole comforter and pillow in my crate! I had to do a lot of rearranging to make sure the stuffing inside the comforter was distributed equally, but I live for my work! By the time Momma finally got home -- a whole hour later! -- I finally had the bedding arranged to my liking and was ready to play with her. She was so impressed with my handiwork that she pulled out her camera right away and snapped this shot of my interior design skills.
For some reason, she moved my crate away from the bed the next day. Moms are weird.

Tucker:  I am astounded by your ability to make the best of a situation and use the tools at hand to complete the job.

See, my Pops is a contractor. And sometimes Momma lets him eat his dinner in front of the tv cause she knows he's been working hard all day. I however, do not care how hard he works. And, I want a piece of his dinner.
You see here, I start out just watching him.
Then I move in a little closer.
Then I jump on him to get a quick lick of what he's eating.
Bad I tell you. Real bad. 

Tucker: What a little sneak you are, your poor Dad looks so tired he doesn't even realize you licked his food until it's too late!

Contemplating stealing a HAM, which she took some of.
She's an expert thief, here is what he Mom has to say:

When she was a pup, I had unwrapped THREE steaks for the grill and ran outside to the trash with the wrapper. When I came in the door, she was running out of the kitchen. I looked to the steaks. One on the plate... One sliding off the edge of the kitchen counter. The third??? HIDDEN UNDER her bed! She was smart enough to hide one and go steal another!!! BRAT! 

Tucker: Mabel, it is not your fault that you are smarter than your hooman, BOL.  Seriously, you have a record why would she leave food unattended around you?  I believe she wanted you to have it, that is why she left it for you.

I don't know that I feel guilty about this, but here's my couch diggin' skills! I know the momma and dad don't appreciate it nearly as much as I do, so that makes it bad, right? Well, I like holes in my couch, so I guess I like to be bad! hehehe 

Tucker: Do your feets get stuck in the couch holes?  I think this is genius, I mean hoomans won't sit on it if there is a hole.  This makes the couch all Corbin's, very smart.

You know, we is all older now and the rilly BAD stuff we did has faded from mom's memories (her memories has faded, too) and we do not want to remind her... so most recently, this be the BAD thing Sydney did - she swipied the toofpaste while mom woz brushing MY teefs and mom could not find it anywhere, BOL. 

Tucker: Sydney do you think you acted out of jealousy? I mean Shawnee steals all the blog time, and all the tooth brushing time too!  Geesh.  I thinks you were just trying to prove a point.  


Sorry for eating Spring grass and depositing it under the coffee table AGAIN!
Sorry for rolling in road-kill and unmentionables and then having a good stretch on the bed!
Sorry for stealing butter and then using your legs as a human napkin.
Sorry for the cat attack alerts in the wee small hours.
Sorry for helping in the garden but we aren’t to know which are flowers and which are weeds.
Sorry for the huge vet bill due to encounters of a close kind with the evil cat Maudikae.
Sorry for rolling in bubble gum and getting it all over the soft furnishings.
And lastly sorry for the hot water bottle, slug beer and duck incidents to name a few. 

Tucker: What?  You are sorry - nah - don't be.  I loves the hooman napkin part though I use the kittehs as napkins all the time, BOL.

I am Buddy the Dachshund Ukleja. My mom says I was caught in the act of raiding the garbage. As you can see I am trapped inside the garbage bag and had to be cut out. But I say I was FRAMED!!!! 

Tucker: I would say you were framed too, I mean how would have been able to get into the garbage can with your legs that little?   I think your Momma just misplaced the garbage bag on the floor with all the scattered wrappers versus putting them were they should go..... Um ok maybe not... Kudos on being caught in the act with pawesome badness!

Stella being a total mean bean to Rory. We think he was calling out, Muuuuuuum! 

Tucker: I think Stella is kicking your butt Rory, what a bully - picking on a big goofy Dane like that.  Oh and crying to Momma for helps, I do that too.
Rory leaves slobber everywhere. Ewwwww.

Rory after leaving slobber, pretends everything is just quite normal.

Tucker: Nobody reads the newspaper now a days anyway.  Just google it, problem solved. Might want to wash that counter before you eat off it, just in case.

This picture was taken right after I broke my leash. Yep that is right I broke my leash. See Mommy stopped off during our walk in the Butterfly Garden to water the plants and I was suppose to be sitting still in the Butterfly Chair (I was hooked to the stupid chair) well I wouldn't be still and I kept dancing around and I tilted the chair over and that scared me so I ran and that stupid chair kept following me so I ran harder and then the chair got stuck and well I didn't stop running I pulled so hard the leash broke right in two 

Tucker: Problem solved, the chair and leash are out of the picture now.  I would run for my life if a chair was chasing me too!


Silvie likes to chew stuff, she's got a sweet tooth but also is know to snack on fine linens and tissue boxes. Obviously she has perfected a technique that gets her out of trouble. It's called looking cute! 

Tucker: You like candy I see no problem with that, but stays out of the chocolate - k?  I don't understand the tissues though, are you in need of fiber? BOL.

Well that is all the contestants, what a variety of troublemakers!

The official rules say my DAD picks the winner (cause he is the disciplinarian) so we had him view all the entries and select the winner.  He had a hard time deciding... 
But he finally decided on a winner and 2 runner ups!  

First Place and Badest of the Bad.... Casey!

Tied for second place... Buddy!

and Corbin!

Dad basically said you guys need some toys so you can use your destruction on your own stuffs... BOL.

Congratulations Casey!
I will be contacting you shortly to find our which pet rescue you would like your $25 donation to go to as well as the snail mail address for your personal gift.

Also, Corbin and Buddy I will be contacting you for your snail mail address for your runner up gifts.

Thanks again to everyone that Pawticipated!


  1. That was a hard choice to choose a winner I bet. Wow, such great entries! We're laughing at them all.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. We really like seeing what kind of goof balls live in Blogville, we got some characters, Heeheehee, thanks Tucker for the show!!!

    Your Furends
    Susie & Sidebites

  3. Thanks for letting me participate Tucker. And you are so right about the monster butterfly chair. Anyone would run if that thing was chasing them so I still can't figure out why Mommy thinks I was BAD for running. I knew you would understand.

    I am in awe that Lily got on the counter I though ONLY CATS could do that.

    Congrats Casey, Buddy & Corbin I thoughts y'all were pretty BAD too. BOL I took some notes. ~Fenris

  4. This was a lot of fun!!! Congrats to Casey and the runners-up!!!!

  5. Congratulations to all of the winners. We had lots of fun reading about all their entries.

    Bert and My Vickie

  6. Oh boy Tucker we had fun. Congratulations Casey...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Hahahahahaha! Oh all of these entries are just hilarious Tucker! Great contest :) Congrats to the winners!

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Brilliant post Tucker. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. who told? Mommmmmmmaaa you are in troubleeeee... Tissue boxes and books are delicious. it is the corners I love...Car chargers are also yummy but the momma turns colors at those... so... Congrats to the winners who make me look "good" te he te he ....

  10. CONGRATULATIONS to Casey and the Runners up. They all three deserve the honor!!!
    THIS was SUPER FUN Tucker. THANK YOU fur doing it fur us!!!!

  11. FURST PLACE!!! Woohoo, that's so PAWSOME!! Thanks, Tucker, LBR will really appreciate that donation. :D

  12. HOLY SWEET POTATOES!!!! This is so awesome! Look at all those bad doggies! Great entries! I can't believe I even came CLOSE to winning! What an honor! Congrats Casey, that's some real talent!

  13. Congrats to all the winners! That do be some stiff competition there coz we is all sooooo bad, BOL. (Good thing our peeps love us anyways.)

  14. Tucker, that was soooo good seeing everybuddy being bad. We loved it. Thanks for the competition and congratulations to the winners. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

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