Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A knee update

Today i went for a knee follow-up.  My knee is not worse, but it isn't a whole lot better.  Mr. Vet is concerned about me losing any more muscle in my leg, and the water therapy machine is likely to not be big enough for me (my vet doesn't have one but there is one an hour away).  So, I have been given permission to RUN!  I can run and as soon as I limp the surgery will be scheduled.  Basically it's a last ditch effort to see if I've healed enough but much longer and I will have a wimpy leg. So based on my ability to cause myself bodily harm surgery is likely in my future.

When I came home from the vet I was allowed to run and I was crazy!  I haven't hurt myself yet, so we'll see.
Here is a picture of me on the way to the vet, I was wearing my thunder shirt.
Note from Tucker's Momma: Tucker is not limping but you can tell he is still favoring his leg some.  You should have seen him run, he was having a blast.  It breaks my heart to see him smile after finally running knowing we've had to restrict him for the last 8 weeks and he'll likely need the surgery anyway.  We are going with the traditional surgery or the "tightrope" method not the TPLO.  The TPLO I find to be too invasive and our vet doesn't specialize in it.  Our vet says it takes 3 days to use the leg and after a week he'll almost be walking normal.  Then we will slowly increasing exercise and freedom.  Our best benefit is that although Tucker is a very tall Dane (37 1/2 inches to his withers) he is very lean.  He only weighs about 140 pounds which is very light for a Dane his size.  Male Danes at that height tend to weigh 160 or more.  There is still a chance that the cruciate ligament has healed enough to support the running, but not likely.  As soon as he limps we'll call to schedule the blood work, x-rays, and surgery.  As much as the surgery scares us Tucker needs to be able to run and enjoy being a dog.  


  1. You should consult with Miss Lily over at Two French Bulldogs as she has just had that surgery too. She is almost a mini-me version of you (well she is black and white anyway). Good luck.


  2. Wow Tucker, you are a lean mean machine. Darwin's at least 130 and she's not as tall as you I dont think (I should measure her).
    That sucks about your knee though! Hope you recover quickly!

  3. Awwww Poor Tucker. He has been SOOOO good about all of this. I just hope and pray that he recovers and can run like the wind. I have my paws crossed fur that.

  4. Boy does this sound familiar. Good luck Tucker
    Benny & Lily

  5. We are rooting for you, Tucker! Sending lots of good thoughts and wishes that there will be lots more running in your future.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Good luck Tucker! We will all be sending good thoughts your way!

    ~Treasure, Amp, and Rocky

  7. Well dis just sucks! Can't has my Tucker likes dis! A Dane has to run and do zoomies. Dude, I is sending my most fierce doxie vibes to you and all my thoughts and stuffs.
    Puuuuuuulease keeps us posted on what happens.

    PS: you be taller than my mum almost...hehehehe!

  8. Tucker,

    Thanks for the update my friend. I am going tomorrow for a check up on my knee. I am doing better too, but mom thinks that I will need surgery as well, we will let you know. Your mom and my mom can compare notes. :)

    Your Buddy,

  9. oh tucker, were sorry to hear it, but you are in my prayers. I hope your be fine and save your energy to our playing time Woof! :D

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  10. Hi Tucker, we are glad you are allowed to run. May as well enjoy yourself and see what happens. Hugs to you big fella. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Oh dear, such a pickle to be in. I agree that the water therapy will likely not work. Mango barely fits and Tucker has longer legs. It sounds like surgery is in his future, so better to get it done while he is young and healthy.

    For Mango, it isn't the running that gets him in trouble, but taking corners too tightly, especially on slippery surfaces. But it is hard to limit activity for our bouncy friends.

    I hope the less invasive surgery is adequate on him. Even though he is small for a dane, he is still a big guy. We'll be keeping you all in our thoughts.

    Mango Momma

  12. Tucker, best thoughts and best wishes. Tell your mom to hang in there.

  13. Sending healing vibes to you Tucker. We can tell you that our bloodhound Tabby had this done when she was just under 2 years old. They used 200lb fishing line doubled over for her new ligament. She spent 7 days in a full cast then limited exercise outside for 6 weeks. Then it was free range. She did wonderful and you would have never known she had it done and she lived to be 13 years old and ran and played everyday. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  14. Sending healing vibes

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Oh, Tucker, we are so sorry to hear this news. But as noted above, if it's got to happen, better to get it over with while you're young and in tip top shape. We'll sure be keeping our paws crossed for you. Maybe you and Max can convalesce together, with Miss Maggie Mae to nurse you.

    Jed & Abby

  16. Hi Tucker - I'm so sorry I'm late with my reading & commenting (really struggling to keep up with my blog friends these days!) - I'm sorry to hear the bad news about your knee ouchie but it's great that you're allowed to run & play again! Hopefully, you won't start limping for a long while yet - but I agree with the others, if you gotta have the surgery, then good to do it while you're still young & healthy and able to bounce back quickly!

    Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane