Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm trying to learn to swim

I'm still trying to learn to swim. Momma and Dad have been taking me to the pond to chase sticks and seeing if they can get me to figure it out. I go out pretty far but I just can't commit to the whole my feet aren't touching thing. My BFF cousin Diesel will be coming to visit later in the month, so hopefully he can teach me. Until then I'll keep chasing sticks and splashing, it's pretty fun. Oh and Momma wants to know how you all learned to swim, did another doggie teach you or did you figure it out on your own?
"Throw the stick"

"OOh where did it go?"
"Way out there, are you crappin me?"

"Throw another, that one went too far"
"I can reach this one"
"Got it!"


  1. Swimming isn't for every doggie, but being able to wade in will help you with your confidence.


  2. In my professional opinion...Swimming is overrated. Why on earth would you even want TO GET WET?

  3. Stumpy was over 2 when she learned to swim, in spite of the fact she grew up on a lake and close to the ocean. She finally figured it out in a friend's pool!

    I've never seen a Great Dane swimming so we're looking forward to watching your ability and confidence grow.

  4. Woof! Woof! No one taught me how to swim. I started swimming in the lake when I was 10 months old. I made so much splash ... It's FUN you should try it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. I love to swim!! I think the way I learned was kinda like you are doin. First I waded...and waded and waded. Then there was another doggie who had a ball, or a toy, that I wanted to play with so I just kept wading and before I knew it I was swimmin!

    go for it Tucker, you'll love it!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  6. Hey Tucker I'm with you on this one Totally. I LOVE to wade. It gets me all nice and wet and cool and stuff. I just like to keep my paws in the Sand or Mud. I do know how to swim. Mom takes me WAYYYYYY out sometimes, I just don't like it at all. I look at it this way... we stay close to shore and leave lots of room for the dawgs that LIKE it.. to do their "LAPS" Laps.. get it Laps... like with our water and milk. Laps... hehehe I just crack myself up sometimes. BUTT, seriously I think you are just doing what YOU like. NO problem with that. RIGHT??? BUTT what you need to say to your two leggers is..... "SO, when I see YOU out there gathering sticks... I'll give it a try!"

  7. Darwin swam once when she was small.. I threw her toy out a bit farther than usual and she just kept going. She freaked out when her feet stop touching the bottom, but she retrieved her toy then promptly got out of the water.
    Would it help if your mom got in the water with you?

  8. Um, you are asking the wrong guy here - Frenchies sink like a rock. Mom bought me a life vest, so all I do is float around and panic. Good luck, buddy!

    Soggy Snorts-
    Brutus the (traveling) Frenchie

  9. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    I'm pretty sure I'm just like Brutus with the sinking rock thing. We lives in a high desert (not dessert, but wouldn't that be GREAT?) and so there's not lots of need for me to know how to swim, thank dog.

    But good luck to you! I bets you'll figure it out!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Well I am a pug and if you look at my structure, we aren't really meant to swim... my head is super heavy and so I have to wear a life vest at all times!!!! My sister Hunter is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Lab and she was born to swim... Not really fair!!!! Good luck buddy, I hope you learn soon, it's really fun and a freeing experience!

  11. Ciao Tucker...
    Well, you are definitely doing better than me... No way I get in the water as much as you did... My humans are trying... they are making the subtlest tricks to me... playing tug-o-war next to the pool... or throwing my favourite basket ball in the lake.... No no no.... only if water gets to my knees... Deeper no way...
    So you did pretty good!
    Ciao Lucille

  12. I don't know about my swimming abilities...

    Nice pikhs of woo in the water!


  13. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    No swimming here... we don't have bodies of water out in the desert. Duchess barely tolerates a water sprinkler so it's probably a good thing.

  14. Keep trying, Tucker! It took my 5 years but I did it in the end!! (And I did it in the sea too with waves which is way scarier than a lake!) But I have to say, I still prefer wading - although I will swim out now to retrieve my beloved tennis ball if I have to!

    It's a shame coz now here in Oz, the sea is a lot warmer than NZ and much nicer to swim in but my humans don't dare let me go in coz sharks patrol the beaches and come and snatch dogs into the water!!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  15. Waldo watched Gus at first. It probably helps that Waldo's first experience swimming was in a 12-foot pool. He dove in after Gus, was surprised, but then kept swimming after that. Now, at the lake, he still tries to touch the bottom as long as possible, but he's really got good swimming form now! Now, Waldo will go in the water longer than Gus! Waldo follows a frisbee or tennis ball wherever it goes!