Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About Us

We found this quiz from Mango and figured we'd give it a try.

1.) Name and Age:
Tucker: age 1
Ellie: age 5
Patch: age 15
2.) Breed:
Tucker: Great Dane
Ellie: Domestic Shorthair
Patch: Domestic Shorthair

3.) Nickname(s):
Tuck, Big Tuck, Baby dog, Tucker-roo
Smelly Ellie, Ellie Belly
Patchy-poo, Patchapotomus, Dummy

4.) Where'd ya come from?
Tucker: A breeder
Ellie: She's a stray that was hanging out by the compost bin 3 years ago.
Patch: Momma raised him from a kitten when she was little.

1.) Toy:
Tucker: Bunny, tug fleeces
Ellie: My Kong mouse
Patch: CAtNIP

2.) Snack:
Ice Cream, cheese, anything anyone else is eating.
Ellie: Pounces
Patch: Spaghetti O's

3.) Human person:
Tucker: Momma for cuddles, Dad for playing
Ellie: Dad
Patch: Momma's Boy


1.) Worst habit:
Tucker: I bark at new things - Sunhats, watermelon, people with big beards, dad's construction tools, the list goes on.
Ellie: She pokes people in the face with her paw
Patch: He never shuts up

2.) Most embarrassing moment:
Tucker: See video below

Ellie: Momma dressed her up as a Hobbit for Halloween one year
Patch: Well before I came around Patch was snooping in the bathroom and got himself stuck in the handles of a makeup bag purse, his nickname is Dummy for a reason.
3.) Family dynamic (this is a question for those of you with more than one animal in the house. i.e. who is alpha? who is the cuddler? who is the naughty one? etc. I just want to know how you fit into the family!)

Tucker: I'm the naughty one, but I'm still learning
Ellie: She's Queen Bee
Patch: He's always been on the bottom of the food chain

4.) Your humans' FAVORITE thing about you! (From Momma)
Tucker: I'm a love bug and goofball - I made random strangers smile.
Ellie: A cat that actually appreciates humans!
Patch: It's funny that Patch is so stupid, his memory is about 3 seconds and it keeps us laughing.

Oh and this picture is for Brutus and his Momma. Sorry you didn't gets to see a moose. You should have come to Maine if you want Moose. Momma took this picture.


  1. Hey! I did not find that movie embarrassing in the least. Who wants to be sprayed in the face except for a stupid labradog.


  2. This was an A+ post. Thanks for letting us get to know you better.

  3. hello tucker its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow yoo hav to deel with TWO domestik shorthares??? and i thawt wun wuz bad!!! ha ha ok bye

  4. We just loved learning all about your family Tucker. It must be pretty cool having two kitties in the family!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  5. HI Tucker,

    It's nice to learn more about you and your family...but I say that hose is in big trouble...bad hose...LOL

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  6. Wow - how did I just see this post? Better late than never, right? Thanks for the moose - I'll pass him along to my daddy. And I didn't think the hose thing was so embarassing.... Heck, I won't even go near one of those things, even if it's turned off!!

    Multiple Snorts-
    Brutus (& Carmen) the Frenchie(s)
    pee ess - it shouldn't be too much longer on Flat Brutus just one more host in line before you now :)

  7. we love that video tucker :D
    and nice pool man

    El'bow & Hauwii

  8. BARK! Nothing embarrasing about the water. I love to run up to spraying water and bite it. But I hate when it bites me back. But it is part of the thrill, right? BARK! Sasha the Princess

  9. Hello,
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  10. Hi Tucker, Im going to borrow you quiz, hope you dont mind
    xx Major