Saturday, June 20, 2009

BIG update!

So as you probably noticed I haven't posted much lately, that's cause Momma and Daddy went to a place called "Las Vegas". I don't know what it is but evidently doggies can't go cause I went and stayed with my Grammy & Grampy. I had so much fun at Grammy & Grampy's - I went for rides with them, had ice cream, played with new toys, got lots of treats & yummies, got tons of attention, and didn't have to deal with the kitties!
I was really happy to see Momma and Daddy when they got back! They were really tired from something called a "red-eye." I get red-eyes when I'm tired but I don't think that's what they are talking about. Anyway, I got to go home and take a nap with them on the bed and I got a brand new toy from that Vegas place.

On Wednesday however, momma took me to vet and I had to stay for the day. I remember something about her saying it was my "Big Day." I don't remember much but Daddy came to pick me up from the vet and I was really sleepy. Come Thursday I was rested and wanted to play & run. Momma and Daddy won't let me run cause of something called "stitches". (shhh! They think I don't realize that my dingle dangles are missing yet - but I know, I just don't care... he he).

Anyways I guess I have to have a boring weekend of "taking it easy" i.e. napping. So this week I won't be able to post my weight on my weekly weigh in because my dad can pick me up until my stitches heal...


  1. Wow - Tucker - you really are growing up if you're getting The Operation!! I had one too - and I also had to stay really quiet for a week but I was very naughty and I ran and jumped around anyway...and then I burst my stitches! Then I had to go back to the vet and have them redone - and wear a horrible silly plastic collar on my head and be quiet for ANOTHER week! Humph! So yeah - I think you have the right idea by staying quiet & napping - you'll be able to get back to normal and playing again a lot quicker! :-) Anyway, I heard that The Operation is not so big for boys as it is for us girls...hope you recover soon!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Our mommee and daddee went to Vegas, too. But they didn't bring us back NOTHING!! No fun.

    We hope your stitches heal soon so you can be back to your old self!

    Gus and Waldo