Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm sick...

Eww. I went to the emergency vet last night because I was coughing & shivering and refused to eat my dinner, or treats. I haven't been eating as much the last few days and I've been really tired.

The vet ladies were really nice, except they stuck something in my butt. Momma says they were taking my temperature and it was 104. The vet ladies also took x-rays (and I got a belly rub). They told me I have bronchitis and now I have to take medicine. Momma and Dad think I got it from a dog at the Pet Store this past weekend. I've had all my shots but puppies can still get sick I guess.

This morning I am feeling a little better, I ate some soft food and rice and am not really shivering anymore.

Everyone seems really sad about me being sick, so I promise to sleep extra so I can get better quick. Right now I don't even want to play with my toys.

We had gone to the pet store so that I could get a new crate. Momma and Dad bought me the Midwest Colossal Crate. It is so big and roomy, they call it my apartment! Right now it's too big but I should grow into it.

I'm hoping I'll feel better soon, i'll let you know.

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