Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doggie School

I've been going to puppy school for the last two weeks. I really liked it the first week because I got to meet new doggies! This week wasn't as much fun. There was a new doggie in class and she hadn't been socialized ever. She was barking and barking all over the place. She wasn't next to all of us but she made me nervous. I tried to be brave but when she was barking so mean, so I hid under momma's chair. Momma said I did pretty good to not bark back that much. My teacher wasn't upset with me, she realized I was a little scared of the new doggie. I'm the youngest in the class so my teacher said we all need to remember that Tucker is big but he has a baby brain. I guess it's true. After the new doggie stopped barking so much I just sprawled out on the floor. Momma & Dad say I can be so lazy sometimes.

When it was time to leave I was really tired. Paying attention is hard work. Not to mention that I spent a good part of class hiding under the chair protecting momma & dad from the barking doggie!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tucker - congratulations on starting school! That's really important for us doggies to grow up nice and well-behaved, so I'm so glad that your humans are taking you!

    Ha! Ha! My human thought your comment about "baby brain" was funny...sometimes she thinks I still have baby brain, even though I am 5 & half years old now!

    Tell us about what you do in class!

    Honey the Great Dane