Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teaser - Big News

Hi all, I knows I have been absent and I am really sad I wasn't here for some of my bestest bloggy friends when they need support these last few months.  Remi & Thunder I will miss you...

Things have been boring here, lots of hooman projects but no fun Tucker stuff.  I have had visits from my cousins a couple of times but nothing new and exciting. I'm not like the kittehs, who can spend hours entertaining themselves with a bug that makes it into the house.
 Or spend time gettin' high off the kitteh nip.

The Tucker needs to be entertained! 

Momma and Dad have planned a mini trip in a couple weeks wif me and are planning a vacation at the end of September.  Also, they says there is some big news about the first trip.  Something is up.


  1. I hope it is a good surprise.


  2. oh surprises are my favorite...can't wait to hear what's up!!

  3. Thanks, Tucker, we do understand.

    And now you have all of us wondering about this big surprise. Somehow we think you are going to like it:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Hopefully it will be a good surprise. You and your kitty look happy, and that is a good thing.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  5. Ut oh we can't wait to hear
    Benny & Lily

  6. You get high from the cat nip? Tucker... you surprise me every day :)

  7. Hi Tucker, we havent met yet. Sounds like maybe you have a trip in your future. And I agree, Kitty sisters are so easily entertained. Us smart pups need more than a fuzz bunny to play with.

  8. Hey Tucker! I hasn't been around much either. It do be a bizzy, bizzy summer. Hey come ofur here to my B&B and I keeps you entertained, BOL. Yup, I has entertaining B&B guests all summer. Can't wait to here about your trip. We be planning a trip too as soon as we gets that Arthur Itis in my knee unner control.