Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why am I so hungry - a kitteh brudder Patch post

I Tucker rarely let the kittehs post on my bloggy but I is making an exception for kitteh brudder Patch today.....

A picture of me first....

Now he may do his posty....  

I has been starving lately and a couple of months ago I was having the pukeys at least once a week.  You know the kind when you scarf all your food down and then drink all kinds of water and *poof* it all comes back up cause your stomach can't handle it?  So my momma & dad put the automatic feeder up so I could be fed mutiple times a day at the same time every day.  Ta da no more pukeys.  But I was still hungry...
So they started giving me a little extra each night, soft food - yummers.  Now I am 16 years old so I am getting thinner because us oldies lose muscle tone. And I was due for my regular annual exam so she ask Mr. Vet if this was normal for an old guy like me.

Nope not normal to be this hungry.

(Hey are you gonna eat that?)

Not normal to have a fast heart beat (which you couldn't hear over my purrs).

Mr. Vet expected Hyperthyroidism, the blood test confirmed it. So I needs medicine twice a day and I go back in 30 days to see if I am doing better.  But, I will need medicine the rest of my life.  Radiation is an option but the pills are not very expensive.  Only 60 cents a day for 2 pills.

So I should be feeling better soon.  Momma looked up some of the Signs of Hyperthyroidism and now understands why Mr. Vet said we caught this early.
* Weight loss (check)
* Increased appetite (check)
* Increased thirst and urination (hmm maybe)
* Vomiting (check)
* Diarrhea (not yet)
* Hyperactivity (not yet)
* Matted or greasy coat (not yet)

So, I'll take my pills and eat my foodables with the others.  In a month I go back to see if I am regulated. 
At least I won't be so hungry now. And it is important to go for your yearly checkup! If any of you kittehs out there have hyperthyroidism my Momma would love to have some advice.

Meowsers - Patch


  1. Oh PAtch, I am sure glad your peeps got you to the vet quickly! I hope those pills do their job. And it was so nice of you to let your brother post a pic of him too! BOL! Feel better soon.

  2. Dear Patch,

    Our Angel kitteh sister, Sparky, who was also a tuxedo kitteh, had hypothyroidism. She barfed TWICE on mom's palm-pilot dock thingy and got real skinny. WELL, she started taking the medicines and was all better in NO TIME, and she lived a long time to torture me and Gizmo.


  3. hope the medicines help you sweetie
    Benny & Lily

  4. You will soon be feeling better!


  5. Thank you Tucker fur postin' your foto furst!

    Nows, Patch I is very sorry to hears you is sick, dat just sucks. At least it can be controlled. And thank dog you has a very attentive momma to realize sumptin' wasdn't right.


  6. Dear Patch, you are NOT alone. My grannie gets syntheroid for the same thing! "cept she was getting wonky in her knees and seriously wobbly. I hope you feel better. And Tuck you are so handsome.. you just are.

  7. I'm glad they caught it and you're feeling better! Don't worry about the pills, they're super easy! My sissy Cinderella has to take thyroid pills twice a day, and she says they're not bad at all.

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  9. Hope the medicines work

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Oh Patches - I'm sorry to hear about your new sickie but I hope your new medicines will make you feel better soon!