Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walkin' for a Cause

This weekend was the annual Paws on Parade to benefit our local Humane Society. This is the same Humane Society that my BFF Diesel came from, so we like to support the good things they do. Often Momma makes donations of foodable and toys (used toys of MINE!) throughout the year. However, we do enjoy pawticipating in their big yearly fundraiser.

Plus, I gets to meet new friends!
Hi new Dane friend!
Then we walk! For 2 miles all together.

Meet my new friend the bumble bee. She was nice and warm in her outfit and won a prize in the costume contest.
We had to wait to cross the streets.....
Then when the walk is over we all gets to socialize more! Warning Cuteness follows.
Aww, Mom - can we steal him? He's just too cute!
Look at all the peoples!
This is my new Dane friend. Look at the impressive slobber I put on his ear... BOL.
I was kinda tired after all the walkies and sniffin'.
But, they had over 350 walkers and raised over $40,000! What a great success for the shelter, think of all the puppers and kittehs this will help!


  1. $40,000! That's amazing! Good job, Tucker!!

  2. Holey Gwalk A Moley Tucker that is a HOOOOOGE pile of green paper.
    You asked about Evil Cat's size... He is kinda Big for a c a t. BUTT then I am kinda .. not very big.. I am 12# with all my furs on.

  3. Looks like you found yourself a mini-me there!

  4. Tucker,

    You is such a good guy! Dats a lot of green papers to help raise, good fur you!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. their is nothing better to show your love for a new friend than slobber dearest tucker
    thanks for supporting your local shelter. you saved lots of manimals .

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  6. That a was a FURRY impressive ear slobber!

    There should have been an award fur THAT!

    Thanks fur sharing all those khool pup pikhs!

    Khongrats on all those green paper$!


  7. Good Job Tucker! We likes the ear spit..haha

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  8. Ahhh a smooth coat saint bernard!!! That is our favorite!!! Great pics and all for a great cause!!!!

    ~The Monster Crew

  9. tucker,
    $40,000 is totally awesome sauce!! ya'll did some grrreat walkies for sures! you really got to meet lots 'n lots of new friendz. i like your bumble bee friend, and your dane friend you put the hooge slobber on. teehee!

    the booker man

  10. Wow that is a lot of green papers!!
    Your mom is so wonderful for donating toys to less fortunate doggies!

  11. Holy dog bisuits, Tucker! That's a LOT of green papers! I bet you had fun AND were really proud that you were able to help. Oh, and I just gotta say that that was some of the most impressive slobbers EVER! I bet Mango would be in awe!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Tucker it looks like you had a great time and helped raised some good moneys for the homeless doggies!

    Lots of slobber,

  13. That is a lot of dollars and I can't believe you walked two whole miles! Wow!


  14. We love walk a thons like that where lots of good money is raised and good friends are met.