Monday, May 17, 2010

View From the Top - 2010 Hike 1

My bags are packed with the essentials - Treats, my bowl, poopy pick-up bags, and sunscreen for my nose (which Momma will forget to put on anyway). Don't worry Dad will carry my water, that's too heavy for me.

Off we go!

Pause to take in the pretty view. I'll model in front of it.

Momma got losta picture of my butt since she wasn't as fast as me hiking up the mountain.
See the markers that tell us where to go, they help me not get lost.
Whew, one of multiple water breaks!

TA- DA! I reached the top. - 525 feet.

I'm one happy Dane!

See the pretty view? (It's the stuff behind me for those of you still staring at me, BOL!)

Ok, so I had to go.... then Momma makes me carry my own POOP down the mountain! Don't worry it's double bagged. But eww - Momma was laughin' at me.

I will sleep for the next 4 days.......

Pee.S. Puppy Bakery is now open! Thank goodness - I got a boston creme terrier, and I'll post a picture for all you puppers to drool over. YUM.

Pee S.S. Momma and Dad bought my bubble machine in the toy section at the Christmas tree shop for $4. It takes batteries and makes the big bubbles when Momma pushes the button.


  1. I can't belive you is 525 ft tall.
    You know my mum has an obsession with Great Danes.

  2. We are so impressed Tucker! We could maybe go that far if we were pushed in our jogger.

    We have a giant bubble machine that mom can plug into the wall. But guess what... Gunther is afraid of the bubbles! BOL!

  3. hello tucker its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is sum vyoo all rite!!! not bad for 525 feet!!! ok bye

  4. Thats a good hike! Great pictures!
    Bubble machine!!!! I cant wait to see pictures and videos of you and your new toy!!!

  5. We love the Tucker face against the sky picture!!! What a nice lookig GD you are dude!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

    PeeEss...our Mama makes us carry our own filled up poopy bags too!

  6. Oh what a beautiful hike, Tucker! I love to hike too - good for me and also for my peeps (who can't keep up with me either heheh!) Hope you did get to sleep for a looooooong time!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  7. wowza Tucker! That looks like an amazing hike! Mom said she's gonna get me a backpack for our summer hikes...I wonder if that means I'm gonna hafta start carryin my own poop too?!? I sure hope not! Yuck!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  8. Um, Tucker - I have to say - that backpack looks embarrassingly small and pathetic on you...get one as befits your manly size, Dane!! :-)

    I love that photo of you against the blue sky - what an awesome hike you had!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. as a Dane, I could really relate to the "sleep for 4 days" comment! Ha! Ha!

  9. Awesome! Love that photo of you against the blue sky & clouds! And as my momma says, "A tired dog is a happy dog"! Sounds like you'll be good & happy for the next few days!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  10. Gee Tucker, you aren't tall enough already??? YOu had to climb even higher???
    Wow, you had to carry your poops?? I hope you walked INTO the wind.. that would serve two purposes.. Keeping you out of it and... MOM ... WELLL, you get my DRIFT. hehehe

  11. Wow Tucker, what awesome fun!
    You look very good in your backpacks, loved all the pictures!

  12. Gosh Tucker, looks like you had a great time. We love seeing you pictures. Me and Momma laughed at your comments about the ugly doxie movie....teehee! You gotta puppy bakery? That treat looks so yummy I am drooling....