Monday, September 14, 2009

Whoa, what a week!

You may have noticed that Momma wasn't good and didn't put my weekly weigh in last week... She's caught up now. Also, I need to update you on my very busy week...

I tried camping (in the backyard) because Momma and Dad didn't want me to bark and be scared at a campground. So we tried camping last Saturday night. It seemed ok at first but then some scary noises were going on, so I barked and barked and barked. Dad took me outside the tent and said something about fireworks? I don't know what they are, but I had never heard them before and they were very loud and scary. When they stopped we went back to sleep in the tent and then just as I fell asleep, they happened again. Momma said we could go inside then. Whew, camping is hard all one and half hours of it. Momma and Dad were very upset with the people doing those fireworks things. For one, they said it is illegal and for two, it ruined our camp out. Oh well, here's a picture anyway:

Another day this week Momma and Dad took me for a walk on a new Beach. This is one were I can be off leash now that all the tourist are gone. I had a lot of fun running on the beach but the waves are still scary.

That's enough pictures MOM!

Also, this weekend I went to Woofstock! It's a big doggie fair and I got to meet all kinds of new friends!
I must have sniffed over 100 doggie butts! I also got lots of doggie treat & food samples and plenty of attention. I tried my hand at this thing called fly-ball. Well the lady wanted me to grab this tennis ball and Momma never lets me play with tennis balls (she says they are too small for me). So I just kept dropping it. Evidently that isn't the purpose of fly-ball?? Well the lady then let me run over these little things hurdles. I could have just walked over them but I decided to entertain the crowd and jump over them - all the other dogs were doing it.

Also, I was in a Family Dog Show! I could be in 4 categories so Momma entered me in: Longest sit, Best Paw Shake, Best Trick, and Largest Dog.

Longest sit was so boring I gave up and laid down. Momma said she was very proud of me though cause I have a short attention span and I lasted longer than half the doggies. She says I probably sat for over 3 minutes before laying down and that really good for me.

I had to shake the judges hand for best paw shake. I did it perfectly but evidently I shouldn't get into politics because I didn't win.

But, the exciting news is that I got Second Place for Largest Dog and Second place for Best Trick! I did sit, wave, high five, down and Bang (your dead)!

(see, I'm dead....)

Momma and Dad were so proud of me. Momma was worried I would be scared in front of all those people, but I was calm as can be. I got two ribbons and two new leashes out of the deal.

Well, that's my update. I've been very busy and I've been sleeping a lot the past couple of days because Woofstock really wore me out. I wonder what we will do this weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness, Tucker - what an exciting week!! I'm exhausted just reading about it! :-)

    How cool that you got to try camping - I would love to try that but my humans aren't very good "outdoorsy" types - I don't think they would even know how to set up a tent!

    And Woofstock looked like so much fun!!! Congrats on those wins - I can't believe you didn't get FIRST place for the Best Trick, though - and who on earth won First place for Largest Dog?? Was it another Dane?

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. oh boy Tucker, that's quite a week you had! I sure hope camping is something fun, cuz Mom and I are going this coming weekend. Its gonna be my first camping trip, and she says we dont have any time to practice in the back yard! Hopefully it will be fun, there are about 18 people going...with 18 doggies!

    You shouldn't be worried about those firework thingies. They are just a bunch of loud noises. Mom and I live relatively close to a big stadium and for some reason the people who go there love to shoot them off. It can sure get noisy, but then again so can I and I'm not anything to be scared of! :)

    Your beach trip sure looked nice. You should definitely try the water...its not scary at all! Playin in the water is one of my most favoritest things to do.

    Congratulations on your ribbons! You sure are a handsome boy. Too bad they din't have a "best lookin doggie" contest. You surely woulda won blue on that one.

    Wags, wiggles & slobbers,

  3. Dear Tucker,
    Oh I just love this post so much! So much to talk about! First things first:
    How annoying that your camping was ruined by fireworks!
    You did so well at woofstock! I would have been very nervous! I think you should have won everything. That judge obviously didn't know what he/she was talking about! I bet your Mumma was so proud of you for being such a good dawg!
    Tucker your 'no more photos face' is incredibly frightful and definitely something I am going to try on my mumma next time she gets carried away with that ridiculous piece of flashing equipment that unfortunately are a most necessary part of blogging. Gees what a sentence. I must need a nap.

    Mr Darcy

  4. What an adventurous week you've had! Congrats on your success at the Family dog show too.
    We love your pic in the tent. We think we would like to try camping too!

  5. Awesome week with so many highlights.. Id love to take the girls camping but most parks here wont allow it.. th e photo looked great.

    Our favourite thing is a romp at the beach. Chels loves the water but Shiloh is happy just watching from the edge.

    How great is Woofstock! and you did so brilliantly. Would love it if they had something like that here :)