Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on my progress

I've been good! (most of the time). My potty training is going really well, I'd say I'm 95% of the way there. I ask to go out, haven't had accidents in the house, but I have had a couple pee accidents in my kennel. Momma and Dad think it's because my kennel space has increased (since I've gotten so big) and now it may be a little too big for me.

I'm doing really well with my commands & tricks, I practice at least twice a day. So far I have mastered sit, down, paw, speak (low grumble),and wait (with treat on paw 1-3 seconds). Come, stay, off, leave it, crawl, and roll-over I am still working on. I get them most of the time. My "auto-sits" (as in I do them without being asked) are really progressing. I am a master at them when I get fed and when I come in from outside (momma & dad make me wait while they take their boots & coats off).

I am becoming more adventurous now and harder to catch, therefore I have to stay on my lead more outside. I had my first marrow bone on Saturday, I growled at Dad when he touched it - so I lost it :( About an hour later I got it back and decided I won't growl with it anymore. So, I got to keep it and it was YUMMY!

Oh, I almost forgot - Momma found yucky worms in my poop about a week ago, the next day I had to eat something they brought home from the vet, now they are gone! Momma says a lot of puppies are born with worms and although my breeders were very good a giving me De-wormer there was probably more that hatched. Ewww! Momma says I'll have another dose of medicine in a couple weeks to make sure they stay gone.

Besides all that I am still enjoying my favorite activities - playing, eating, pooping, chasing the kitties, sneaking bites of the cat food before it's gone, and grabbing slippers!

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