Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm 12 weeks old!

Today I'm 12 weeks old and I am getting big quick. I went to the vet this past weekend and had my second puppy shot. I was tired and fell asleep on the vet's table while he told my momma and dad to enjoy me and not worry themselves to death about bloat. My vet told them if I got the zoomies after eating they should let me zoom! While I was sleeping on the vet's table, I tooted. My vet thought it was funny!

At the vet I met a boxer puppy (boy she was super annoying!) and an adult boxer. I didn't really like either of them. They ended up getting in a fight and I stayed out of it. There was an older spaniel mix I got to meet that I liked.

I got to meet my Chihuahua cousin this weekend, he didn't want to play with me.

I did get a new coat at my pet store though and good thing, we got lots of snow this weekend. I had a coat already but I outgrew it in a week. My my first coat was size M and now my new coat is size XL. My new coat is a little big, but I'll grow into it.

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