Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Vaction Part 2

Continuing my Vacation at the cabin...

Guess who - it's my BFF Diesel! He came to visit me for the day and boy does he love to swim.
He jumps right in after that tennis ball, you would think he had lab in him....
He even jumped in the boat, but only cause he dropped his tennis ball in there.
We saw some interesting froggies... I thought Norwood would enjoy them - count them 1,2.
Sadly Diesel could only stay for the day after swimming, runnin, naps, dinner, and a walkie we had to say goodbye.
Boy was I tired from my playing with Diesel all day - so on Wednesday I rested.
I did a little exploring on my own.
I did some modeling for the flashy machine.

I hate Loons. That's all I gotta say about them. Momma has a video about how much I hate them she'll post soon. They woke me up early, I wasn't very happy about it.

I did some more resting.
And I could see the fishies....
But, I had no luck catching them. :(
Friday: Last day at the Cabin...
Momma and Dad made me go home.

I was sad to leave. I thinks it's about time for another vacation already.


  1. Diesel should have given you swimming lessons, Tucker! I'm looking forward to seeing the loons make you loonie!

  2. I am not a fan of those CRAZY Loons either, Tucker. You surely had a grrreat vacation though.. other than that. I love the picture of the fish. Sorry you couldn't catch one. Dead ones are grrrreat to roll and roach on. hehehe

  3. Looks like a fun relaxing time!

  4. Nothing like a friend to share vacation time with

  5. That's great you got to do some swimming with your buddy. And I think your king-sized bed is pawsome!

  6. Wow looks like you had a great time!!!! It looks beautiful there!

    Lola Bugs

  7. Oh you hads funsies withs Diesel. He be's a good swimmer too.
    Hehehe...I thoughts you was talkin' bout hooman loons at furst.


  8. Resting is good. (I wish my mutant puppy sister would learn that....) It looks like you had a Most Excellent vacation. I would definitely lobby for more of these vacation thingys.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  9. What great times woo had!

    Well, save fur the loons!

    I guess woo wouldn't want my loon stuffie!?!


  10. My sentiments exactly - no need to come home!

  11. Dude
    Diesel didn't teach woo to swim yet? He should enter that dumb peewee lab contest. Hey.. I would've loved to see your lips all over those croakers. It's fun.. try it!!!!
    Sorry your vacay is over. Mom's is over today. Sucks I tell you. She looks just like you