Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Life

Hello all! We are living it up this summer. Which is pretty easy if you are a Great Dane and almost 9!

In fact, Tyson turned 4!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy New Year from the Tucker!

Hi All, remember me?  Yeah the old man Tucker is still going strong.  I've had a pretty rollercoaster year but I finished it off strong.  So, I figured I'd check in and lets you all knows that I is still around.

The little bugger Tyson is doing great - he's 190lbs! Ok enough about him.  On to ME!

 I gots new PJs so I can looks like my brother, BOL!

Anyway, so the rough part of my year was this past Spring/Summer. 

I am slowing down. My walks have to be shortened because I wear out fast. This summers I was on a long walky and stepped on the wrong side of my foot.  Momma cried.  It didn't bother me at all but my Vet says I am "rounding third" and things like this happen when old men like me get tired. Plus I'm a big boy at 175lbs and 37 1/2" to my withers.  But, I is happy to say that it only happened the once and I can still play a mean game of tug with brother almost every night. 

Oh and I had a bunny, yep a bunny
Sees it right there?  Yeah well bunny tormented me all springs.  I barked and barked but Bunny didn't care.  Well did you know that if you barks and barks and jumps around so much you can makes yourself sore?  Well, you cans.  I sprained my tail.  Yep it happened and it wasn't pretty.  My tail looked like it was dead- it just hung - and it hurt.  I wasn't really ables to sit down or lay down properly and I acted like my life was over.  Momma and Dad took me to the ER and I got evaluated.  They gave me some pain medicine and after a couple weeks I started to makes improvement.  My vet upped my old man pills and I've been doing great since.  My tail doesn't go all the way up like it use to but I can wag, lay, and sit now.

So I did get a few Summer Adventures in!

Also, for my birthday in October we went to Beach - I turned 8 so we needed to celebrate in style.  We stayed at a camp for a couple nights and walked the beaches.
We do adventures on the weekend, but I spend my weekdays napping in the sun.  Not that rough of a life I guess :)

I gots a new Teddy for Christmas, I still loves toys!

 As this winter goes on brudder and I spend our times hanging out and enjoying each day.  Momma and Dad knows that every day with me is a gift cause the Tucker can't lives forever in the flesh.  I'm not gonna lie, the extra pets and loves are pawesome!  I should have gotten old years ago. 

So here is to me, the Tucker!  Over 8 and still happy, playing, and enjoying life!  Here is to more years to come and embracing every day with a some ear pets, bum scratchies, kisses, and cookies.  I love you all that have continued to follow me on my life's journey and I will keep you posted!  I miss all my friends that have passed before me and I honor them by enjoying my time with my brudder and my hoomans.  Happy New Year to all of you in blog land, we hopes you have a fulfilling 2017 with health, happiness, and good belly rubs.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Tucker is still going strong!

 I is so sorry that I don't bloggy anymore, it's just this thing happened.  Momma calls it life.
First things first, the good news:
I is healthy at 7 1/2.
Tyson is healthy. (Although he has rabid dog drools all the time).
Momma and Dad are healthy.
Rugen and Vader are healthy.
Now the bad news.  This September I lost my Grampy (Momma's Dad).  He was my favorite person.  The terrible cancers took him aways and I miss him dearly.  He helped raised me and always took care of my momma too.  There is lots of sadness still and we all miss him terribly.
But we knows that life is to be cherished for the time we has, so we are trying out bestest to stay strong and enjoy things.

We did have some fun times this past year.  Momma and Dad even tooks us to Vermont to Dog Mountain.  We went to celebrate my birfday back in October and it was so much fun.
They have this chapel where you pay tribute to all pets that left before us.
But they have trails to run on, a whole Mountain devoted to dogs!
It was the best day of the year for us.
I dressed up as a King for Halloween this year.
I only gots a few toys for Christmas, which Momma made me shares with brudder.
And although winter hasn't been terribly cold here in Maine, we still await Spring so that we can bask in the sun on the deck.
Hopefully this Spring and Summer brings lots of funs and adventures for me and Tyson. 
We'll keep smiling!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

We think it's Spring?

Wowee what a rough winter of snow.  We've been trapped inside for much of it! I've been limited to my adventures and most are related to sitting in the car while momma gets an errand done. 
We've gotten a boat load of snow this winter and I can't be outside very long in it.  It gets stuck between my toes and makes my feets hurt.  The walkies adventures I did get to go on I had to wear my boots.  I don't mind them but Dad says I look foolish like I is in a marching band.
Brudder Tyson thinks the snow is fabulous.  He's such a weirdo, must be a mastiff thing.
 He's all grown up now and is definitely my bestest buddy.  He's always freaking happy.
And he has to be next to me or the hoomans all the times, he's a shadow doggie.
We spend time playing everyday. Momma says he keeps me young.
 I still needs my beauty rest though.
I'm hoping Spring will bring some sunshine and adventures!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday to ME!!!

Hi all!  Let me first tell you that me the Tucker and my turd of a little brudder are doing just great.  We had a wonderful summer and love each other so much.  But, this post is ALL ABOUT ME!
I Tucker, am 6!  Yes I am getting up there in age for a big Great Dane, but I feel great.  I'm more active than I have ever been and Tyson keeps me young. 
I luvs opening presents!
Playing wif them and even sharing.
 And who can forget cake!!  Yum
 Thank you all for following my six years of life so far!  I look forward to many more birfdays!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

We've been hiking, walking, running playing, splashing and swimming!

Let me start with - Tyson is a crazy swimmer!  He just did it on his own out in the ocean and now we can't stop him - that pup loves swimming and chasing everything you throw to him! I swear he is a lab disguised in an english mastiff body.
 Me?  Oh no the Tucker doesn't swim.  I loves splashing and sticking my face under, but my bum is not getting wet. 
 We've been spending some evenings at the pond.
 I took Tyson for his first hike! I was an old pro even wif my arthritis.  We just do hikes that are shorter (like a mile or so) and not as demanding on my knees.  The next day I just rest and I don't even limp.  I carry the bowl and the poop bags in my backpack.
Tyson carries our water. He is a really strong boy now.
I've also taken Tyson on my favorite walkies and some new ones.  Can you see my rainbow I found on this walk?
 We've not been around much but we are both doing well.  The hoomans are spending lots of time wif us outside now that the weather is finally good.  We plan to have a very active summer!