Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stuffs I can barely talk about

This past weekend I went to visit my Aunt for her birfday. We went to her camp for the day and guess what - Bambi and Diesel were there. Here I am watching the hamburgers cook with Bambi (Diesel had already gone home). Anyway here is what happened. My Aunt's camp in on the ocean and I don't really understand the tide thing. I ran around by the water in the morning everything was fine. Then, Diesel shows up and swims all around with his ball. I decide we should race to the ball and it gets thrown. And guess what - I FELL IN THE OCEAN!!!!! Yes, the tide had come in and the ground tricked me and completely disappeared. I went in over my head and came running out in a panic - I can barely talk about it.
Next, on Sunday Momma and Dad Let Evil kitty brudder out in the garden! Not, me! There's a fence around the garden to keep the deer and the Tuckers out. Hmph. Anyway I had to stay inside while he helped them "weed" - and boy did the garden need weedin'. I was very upset that he gets to go in the garden and I gots to stay inside - I can barely talk about it.

Now, Momma is super busy at work and hasn't been helpin' be blog. She's behind in google reader already and we are goin' on vacation all next week. There will be no computer at the vacation camp and won't be able to check all your bloggies until I get back on the 14th! I'm sure I'll have fun and have lots of pictures but I know there is gonna be like a billion posts I'll be behind on - I can barely talk about it.
So, don't forgets me k? I promise I'll be back.

Pee S. The only thing that makes me feels all better about the garden thing is that evil kitty brudder barfed up all the weeds he ate all over the place when he came inside. BOL.


  1. Oh Tucker - that's happened to me too! I went out too far in the sea and suddenly the ground disappeared - it was the first time I had to SWIM!! But it was a good thing coz after that I sort of realised I could kick my legs and still move in the water - it wasn't so scary anymore. Since then, I'm happy to go out into the waves and even swim if my humans throw my ball really far out.

    Have a good time on your vacation and don't forget to check out my Staycation entry when you get back!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Okays, Tucker I be nice today cuz you apparently gots some issues going on. Fur one thing, I am very sad bouts your ocean fiasco cuz I knows how bad you wnated to learn to swim and I seriously hopes dat incident didn't set you back none.
    I ain't gots to much to say bouts da kitteh so I leaves it at dat.
    I could nevers furget you while you is gone but could you judt kinda hurry it up a bit...like pronto.
    Haves a safe trip and we be heres when you return.


  3. Tucker, As if we could forget about you! You are totally unforgetable!

    You've definately been abused and neglected this week. I am sure your mom and dad will make it up to you. Does the evil kitty brother get to go on vacation, too?

  4. tucker,
    i'd totally love to come to your house and show you how much fun swimmies can be!! i'm sorry the ocean cheated and tried to eat you. i'd try somewhere with calmer waters...maybe there will be some place like that where you are going on vaca? take your most favoritest outside toy and woof to your mama to throw it just a teeny tiny bit into the water at first. then you can work your way up to the big retrievements! don't rush thingies, and you will be a-okay! oh, and don't worry cuz we are NOT going to forget you while you are gone. we'll see you when you get back for sures! :)
    the booker man

  5. I'm telling you Tuck, swimming is da bomb! You really should just embrace it and become one with the water. Its so much fun!!

    Have fun on your vacation, there's usually all kinds of yummy foodables on vacation!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  6. That sure was hard to read. All the trauma. I think you might need therapy.


  7. Woof! Woof! its great ... but it seems not for you. Well, make sure to have a fun vacation. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. I am impressed that you found words to describe such horrible experiences. Especially the horrors of the yard; not being let out. The nerve! Can you call a congressperson or something?

    Have a fun vacation!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  9. Isn't it great when the cats do all of the barfing and make you look good? :)

  10. Dude,
    You are havin' a BAD week. I sure hope it gets better. Maybe the vacation will help???


  11. Khats!!!

    PeeEssWoo: No sweat: I would nevFUR furget woo!

  12. Oh poor Tucker!!!! That must have been real scary... Poor you.... How are you now?
    Did you get friend to the ocean now?
    Are you able to swim now?
    My human should have lent you goggles and fins... she loves the diving thing you know... but I, personally HATE water!!!
    I look forward for your news about your holidays!
    Bau Bau Lucille

  13. and you know something Tucker? That water is soooo salty and ITCHY! Our beach walks always start well... but then... between the sand and the salty water they always end up in BATHS! UGH... And watching momma freak out as we head for the jelly fish is really funny. She looks like a wind up toy that has been over charged! I rather swim in pool water which I do often and much to the shock of my siblings... but hey what do they know!

  14. Have a wonderful trip, Tucker. Sounds like you need a good rest. I know a pretty rettir girl that will be mssing you. Thanks for being a part of Team Shelby.


  15. I am your newest follower.

    What an awesome blog you have Tucker I am glad your mom helps you.


  16. OMD Tucker what a horrible thing to have happened to you! :( I will miss you while you is gone, have a fun vacation! We will all be here when youz get back.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  17. Hi Tucker,

    I am back to tell you that I gaves you an award today! Stop by my bloggie and pick it up!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae