Thursday, August 26, 2010

I hate Birds....

Well as promised here is the loon video:

I hate loons! And yes, maybe I was barking at my own echo.....

Also, I hates Turkeys!
It's not Thanksgiving - get outta my yard

--- Come back in November I dares you!

Disclaimer - No birdies were hurt in the makin' of these films..... I gives all birdies a free pass the first time - BOL!


  1. You tell 'em! Stupid birds.


  2. I feel your pain.... ducks, morning doves, flying turkeys... we have seen them all this summer. They took over the pool... All I can say is...I am collecting recipes for next year.

  3. Birds is STOOPID! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. hahahaha! you tell those birds!

  5. Oh Tucker, looks like you're learning to get in touch with your inner emotions. Not to worry mate, we have our own laundry list of things we hate. Bikes, rire hydrants, squirrels, the wind (yes you read right!) hehe

    You're in Maine? We didn't know, we went on our yearly summer holiday in Hope, Maine... lake was amazing I tell ya! Swimming and barking and swimming and eating and barking and swimming... well you get our drift.

    Belly rubs and Paws-out

  6. I hate loons...oh wait, my mum is a loon.
    Oh her said it was a different kinda loon...whatevers.

    Can you gets me a turkey fur my feast in Nov?


  7. Hello! I would've barked at those loons too and I have been known to bark at turkeys even though my mom doesn't approve at all! I just have a lot to tell those birds, that's all!

  8. you show those pesky birdies who's boss, tucker!!
    the booker man

    pee s -- how interesting like that the flamingoing started in maine! thanks for the factoid! now about those cheese curds, do you have a trader joe's nearby? you can get them there! if not, if you have a local cheese maker, they should be able to sell you some!

  9. Look, ya went and scared El'bow withs ya barking...bwhahahaha!
    And I um...i only gots 7 nip nips, lost da other one...hehehe! Jusr kidding, my mum ain't bright, what can I say.


  10. Tucker
    dude I can hear you all the way down here. You're barking up the wrong tree! Anyone watching these videos might mistake you for a loonie bird.
    just sayin

  11. We've got toons of Canadian geese here that need chasing. Be happy to have you stop by, all this goose poo is disgusting!

    Brutus & Carmen

  12. Well, I guess you told those loons a thing or two. Good job Tucker!

    PeeS - My asst. is still laughing at your answers to Dexter's labradork contest.