Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Real Doggie Show

I'm so excited to be entering myself into a real doggie show! Mango Minster 2010. It's super exciting because it's a real show with real doggies. I'm not qualified for that Westminster crap because I've had my dingle dangles removed, my butt is a little higher than my shoulders cause I'm growing, I have too many spots, my ears are floppy, my tail is gay, and the list goes on. Not to mention I'd probably get bored waiting my turn in that long line and fall asleep. I had difficulties trying to see what group I should be entered in. The real categories are as follows:

Mango Minster Groups:

Cat Dogs - Some doggies are, well, CATS. Right? So if you are a cat which is actually not a dog, never fear, you can enter here (hey, that's like a poem).
Well this doesn't say COW Dogs, so this category isn't for me. And the evil kitty brothers can't enter cause they don't have a blog - ha ha losers!

Hound Dogs - Do you bay at the moon? Become deaf when your snooter is engaged? Run fast on long legs? This is your category.
I do love to sniff and I have long legs, but I can't howl.

Herding Dogs - All you guys and gals who love to round things up enter here (yes, even Border Collie dogs which are not actual doggies, but alien beings from the planet Agility).
I tried that flyball thing awhile back, everyone laughed at me, momma was still proud. I don't fit in here either.

Sporty Dogs - If you do a sport or are basically a good sport about life, then you are a Sporty Dog.
I think I kind of fit in this category but I'm not really super active. I mean I can do that sporty stuff, but then I have to sleep for like 3 days straight to make up for it. Does chasing the lazer light pointer count as a sporty dog?

Non-Sporty Dogs - Bad dog! Bad dog! Grouchy? Sore loser? You know who you are.
I can be pretty grouchy at times when the hoomans don't let me sleep. And momma says I can be bad at times too. Whoops.

Hard Working Dogs - Have a job? This one is for you.
Is being handsome a job?

Cracker Dog Insane Terriers (CDIT) - Let's face it, first of all, we are Relentlessly Huge terrier fans here at the estate. Plus there just is nothing like a terrier. Show us what you got.
I'm no cracker dog.

After all this thinking I have decided that I probably fit in the best for the Hard Working Dogs category. After all, being handsome is extremely difficult and it really wears me out. I have to work really hard at getting those yummy hooman treats, and my handsome puppy eyes work really well on the ladies :) And, if I wasn't working so hard I wouldn't need so much sleep.

Here is my official entry to Mango Minster 2010 Hard Working Dogs category:

Name: Tucker
Gender: Boy Dog
Breed: Great Dane
Group: Hard Working Dogs
Blog Link:
Pee Mail:


  1. That is one handsome photo, big guy! Best of luck in the competition.


  2. Oh Tucker! Darwin will be competing against your handsome self! Uh oh! Stiff competition!

  3. Good Luck, what a great pic!!!

    lotsa licks,

  4. Tucker, not only are you hard at work being handsome, but it takes a lot of energy to get those lazer eye pointers on high like that.

    nice work, and good luckies!

    wags, wiggles, & slobbers

  5. wow we are totally voting for you tucker , vewy handshum i must say
    the houston pittie pack

  6. You are a very handsome dude indeed!
    Good luck at Mango Minster Tucker.

    One of your friendly competitors,

  7. Please come visit me, Im looking for new friends xx Major the Great Dane