Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yummy, a review from Mr.Chewy

The nice people at Mr. Chewy contacted me about doing a treat review, so obviously I said yes!  The Tucker has impeccable taste when it come to foodables.  I indeed spit out treats I don't like. You know those crappy treats they give you at banks & pet stores for visiting?  Yeah they can keep them.  They do not pass the Tucker taste test. But anyway, moving on.

Mr. Chewy sent the treats right to me!  In fact we order our kitteh & doggie foodables from them almost every month so Mr. FedEx knows right were I live.

"Obviously, this is for the Tucker"
 Let me open it.
 Mr. Chewy sent me Orijen Black Angus Beef Singles - Freeze - Dried Dog Treats to try.  Momma was happy cause the ingredients consisted of 3 things: Angus Beef liver, boneless black Angus beef, and black Angus tripe.  (OMG I loves tripe!) 

 Momma made me wait for the treat, causing me to drool like a faucet.... 

Boy, it was worth it though.  These are some yummy, lick lippin' treats.  And since they only have 6 calories per treat, I canz eats the whole bag! 

So next time I'm going to try some of the other varieties.

Thank you Mr. Chewy & Orijen for letting me be an official taste tester, this product is Tucker approved!


  1. OMD Tucker you have US drooooooooling now TOO!!

  2. YUMMY! And guess what? I don't like the kind they give you at banks and Petsmart either. I take it to be polite but then I spit it on when they have their back turned. Ptooey!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. These are some yummy, lick lippin' treats. And since they only have 6 calories per heal, I canz eats the entire bag! Challenge coins

  4. My Chewy visited us too. Mom needs to open that package and let me have some!