Thursday, February 21, 2013

My big Ice Fishing Adventure!

OMG I finally got to go on real adventure!  This winter has been so boring I has had nothings to blog abouts.  However, this weekend the whole family when on a 3 night stay at cabins on a huge lake.  The weather wasn't terribly cold the first day so I gots to participate in some of the outdoor activities.  
We went Ice Fishing!
Some basic steps in Ice Fishing (drill hole in Ice, put trap in ice, sit and wait, eat and drink) Sometimes people call Ice fishing "Ice Drinking" but I calls it "Ice Waiting" cause nobody caughts any fish while I was out there.  I wasn't out there much more than an hour or so, that could be it too.  They did catch fish when I wasn't there (and so no pictures cause Momma was wif me).

I did help set up traps...
And supervise the pulling of the sled....
But, the best part all my Cousins were there!!!!
Diesel loves the outside
 Stormy was hamin' it up
 And even Bambi made it out for a few minutes (don't worry he was set in the sled just for the picture and he had a coat on and blankets in the bag).
 My uncle brought a shelter for us to keep out of the wind 
Diesel even took a nap in it!  BOL!
 We were surrounded by mountains..
Could this scenery be any more beautiful?


Obviously it can! BOL.

Inside the camp it was nice and warm and us pups took advantage of the coziness and relaxed.

 We were pooped.

 It was lots of fun, as is any adventure that involves all my cousins!


  1. Hey TUCKER... we have always heard that QUALITY is better than Quantity.. and you put in some MAJOR QUALITY FUN into this adventure..
    Ernie and I would have LOVED watching you.. from INSIDE THE CABIN.. BaaaaWaaah
    SO glad that you had a super time. LOVE your COAT!!!

  2. Tucker! What a fun adventure!!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  3. I loved this adventure---I wasn't even cold :) You sure have a cool lookin coat to keep you warm. Sweet little Bambi sure looked all snuggly warm in that bag. Cousins are great fun, you're a lucky dog!!

  4. What an awesome adventure!! What a cool coat
    Benny & Lily

  5. The hubs has been wanting to go but we wouldn't take the pups with us

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Totes Jelly as Angel Mango RH and Pea's DOH would say!


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