Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on my Progress

I would say I am 99% potty trained, I haven't had an accident in the house in well over a month. I am not having accidents in my kennel anymore since momma and dad took back the extra space they gave me. I've gone to the vet a couple times and I'm up to date on all my shots and have received a good bill of health from my vet. I'm losing more teeth and getting big boy teeth.

I'm really good at the following commands / tricks: Sit, Stay, Wait, Leave it, Down, Paw, Speak, Go to bed, roll-over, and crawl. Momma's teaching me a few more. I don't like come, therefore momma and dad have decided to build a fence so I will stay safe. It's not that I don't know what come means, I just like to do it on my own terms. Right now I can't really be off leash too much in the yard because I'm faster than them now. Momma and Dad put up a temporary run thing for me until they can build a fence in the spring. I only get to me on the run when they are outside with me. But since my leash is only 6 feet (momma doesn't believe in the use of flexi style leashes) the run lets me practice my come and play with much more space. I still get to go off leash when walking to my grammy & gramppy's sometimes, but my house is to close to a busy road.

I've done much better on my walks now. I go for a couple walks every day and I am learning not to pull. I hate it when I pull because momma and dad stop walking and then I have to sit next to them so we can start again. I guess I can't be the leader when walking but that's ok, that way momma and dad can step in the puddles first!

I met a really pretty great dane girl last weekend. She looked like a tiger! My momma told me she was "brindle". She was pretty and 6 months old.

I got some really cool toys the other day! They are from some company called "zanies" I know because they sew the tag on the toys really good and I can't chew it off. But anyway, I got a tool box so I can be like my dad! It has a cool saw, drill, and hammer that make real tool noises. I guess it is like 4 toys. Here is a link:
I'll have momma post a picture of me playing with it soon. These toys are now my favorite. My other favorite toys include:
1. My Kong Wubba
2. My AIR dog bone
3. My big weenie dog from Petco
4. My big stuffed bone pillow

I like to eat a spoonful of pumpkin or yogurt with my breakfast and I enjoy eating frozen carrots. Marrow bones are yummy but nothing beats my frozen kongs. Momma puts dry food in them, then tops them off my soft food and freezes them. It's like 30 minutes of yummy! Bully sticks are awesome, have you tried them?

I'm gonna go have one now!

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  1. Hi Tucker,

    Thanks for coming to visit me! I'm so pleased to meet another Dane who blogs - and wow, you sound like such a clever and good puppy! Your humans sound like really good pack leaders - my human says she agrees with them on lots of things, like the Flexi lead - I never had one of those either coz they don't teach us dogs to stay close to our humans when walking and not to pull!

    I had frozen Kongs too! When my human used to work outside, she'd leave them for me during the day to keep me entertained (although to be honest with you, I usually just slept all day...shh! Don't tell them!). I'm not so interested in them now that I'm 5yrs old - too much effort! hee! hee! I can't be bothered with anything that's too much effort now!

    I've heard so much about Bully sticks and would LOVE to try them but we can't get them here in NZ...

    I'm adding you to my list of blog friends and I hope we can visit each other often!

    Honey the Great Dane